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Benefits of selling house for cash

Selling your property for cash brings many obvious advantages compared to the standard methods of selling. The list of advantages include:

A fast sale that is guaranteed – Selling your house for cash gives you the massive advantage of knowing when you house sale will be complete, and at what date. Knowing when you house sale allows a seller to plan their move accordingly.

NO more mortgage payments – If you are selling due to financial pressures, then selling to us will instantly stall your mortgage payments. This means no more further monthly commitments and no more financial debt. You can get instant equity release.

No fees or commission – When you sell your house directly to us, we will not charge you any commission for the sale. This means more money in your pocket towards your life plans.

We will pay your solicitor’s costs – That’s right, in order you to further assist with the sale, we will even pay up to  £500. This is another saving that will contribute towards your future plans. 

We buy nationwide – Regardless of your location, we will buy your house anywhere in the country. We will consider all properties in all locations.

We buy houses in any condition – You can sell your house instantly in its current without worrying about presenting it to make it more appealing to potential buyers. This alleviates a lot of the headache of property selling and we understand that people need to move on quickly.

Simple selling process – One of the major advantages in selling to us is the relatively straight forward process. Unlike the traditional method, a lot of the complexities are removed when you deal directly with us.

If you are seriously considering a quick and a hassle free sale, then contact us and we will have your property sold quickly.

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